Before and After.

‘’I am so grateful for walking through the door at NuHuman that first day because it has changed my life. I was scared, nervous, anxious and emotional about this decision I had made to lose weight, to become fit and healthy, could I really do this? The moment I walked in I was greeted by Thabitha, she showed me to Brandon, whose words I have played back in my mind so many times these past eight months ” maam I will get you there you just have to show up”. The whole team made me feel so welcome and safe, made me feel this was possible to do from day one and have supported me 100% both mentally and physically every single day! I feel amazing having lost 30kg, I have so much more energy, no more aches and pains everywhere. I can tie my own shoelaces! My body is stronger and I am amazed at what I can do in the gym now that I could not do that first week. Mentally I am stronger! I have even said the words “I am enjoying the gym” words which I never thought I would ever say let alone truly mean. All I can say is thank you NuHuman you have truly changed my life.”

– Sandra