Before and After.

“My key motivation to join NuHuman was never to lose weight as I never really realized how badly overweight I was. I wanted to get healthy. I was constantly sick. I became lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant and I had over 20 environmental allergies. My cholesterol was sky high and I was constantly fatigued. I was sick of being sick. I had become so overweight that my immune system could no longer cope. On top of that I had been badly struggling with depression and anxiety for a few years as a result of my hectic ADHD going untreated my entire life. I wanted to be myself again and knew Brandon and the NuHuman team was what I needed. It was only when I started with NuHuman when I got the reality check of how badly I have been looking after myself and how fat I actually became. The rose tinted glasses came off. This journey has been such a blessing in my life because for the first time in 5 years I am actually able to live a happy and stable life. I haven’t had any depression or anxiety since I started with NuHuman and I also no longer am lactose or gluten intolerant. I finally have a life that I enjoy in its entirety and I am so thankful to Brandon and the NuHuman team! You guys have changed my life in more ways than you could ever understand and I have such a deep love for you because of it! You constantly push me to do better and be better and I can never ever thank you enough for saving my life.”

– Leonie Dippenaar