Before and After.

“On reflecting on my 30kg loss journey with NuHuman I thought about the things that I have learned and what I have gained from NuHuman.

I learned that:
1. Being healthy is not an event. It’s a journey and a lifestyle.
2. Getting healthy is as much a mental process as it is a physical process.
3. The body cannot be healthy without a healthy mind.
4. Investing in your health is one of the best investments you can make.
5. It is never too late to live an active, healthy lifestyle.
6. Perseverance, discipline and consistency is key to sustainable change.
7. Transformation is not a quick journey, it’s the culmination of many small changes and steps.
8. Being healthy is a choice you make every day.
9. One of the best examples you can set for your children is that of a healthy, active, confident and happy parent.
10. You are capable of more than you think or give yourself credit for.
11. Change is easier with the support of your family, friends and a professional team guiding you.

I have more energy and confidence now than I ever thought possible! Thanks to the NuHuman team. Without your knowledge and support this journey would not have been possible.”

– Francois Du Plessis