Before and After.

“Dear NuHuman Family, this year has really been a new beginning for me. Before joining NuHuman I was in constant pain and on a number of different medications ranging from pain killers to anti-depressants to sleeping tablets. Life was a constant struggle. With the love, care and support of NuHuman I have been able to turn my life around. With a complete lifestyle change I have managed to stop all medication, manage my pain and be more ‘present’ in every aspect of my life. Brandon, your great knowledge and understanding has motivated me to keep going. Marli, your love and smiles have made me feel an integral part of the NuHuman family. Tabitha, you have shown me what strength I have inside me. You have ‘held my hand’ through the tears and shown me that nothing is impossible. Shene, you have been an absolute joy to train with. I have been able to ‘come to terms’ with my reality. NuHuman has taught me to acknowledge my situation physically and deal with it emotionally. After 5 back operations I have a fusion in my spine as well as neurostimulator implanted into my spine and stomach. The neurostimulator is an electric panel with electrodes into the spine which are operated by a battery implanted into the stomach. This device sends an electric current into the body to override pain. The battery needs to charge for several hours every couple of days by being plugged into a power source. With the help of the amazing team at NuHuman, I have been able to train, get strong and live a better and more meaningful life. Thank you so much for everything!”

– Shirley Hugo