“My NuHuman journey! I don’t even know where to start!! The joy and happiness I have now are so overwhelming! My journey with NuHuman started on the 15th of January 2020. Who would have thought that I will be where I am now, after just 6 months!”

Before and After.

Firstly I am utterly grateful for one of my best friends who introduced me to NuHuman, when she had her amazing transformation in 2019. I came to a point in my life where I was so disappointed in myself and my body and mind needed a desperate transformation. So I decided it’s worth a try to join the NuHuman transformation clinic, little did I know that my whole life would be turned upside down!! I quickly realized the knowledge behind the NH team is mind-blowing! I walked into the facility feeling very overwhelmed by the fact that everyone knew exactly what to do, and they gave me the facts on why and what to eat, and where I’m heading! This was awesome!

I decided to do the HTMA test to actually find out what is going on in my body! Brandon knew exactly what to do with my results to get my body working at an optimum cellular level. I started following the HTMA steps, training with the team 5 days a week and followed their eating plan. I knew that I needed to give it my all and with the NuHuman team behind me, this WILL be a winning recipe! You as a person need to have the self-discipline and the reason “why” you do this every day, but with NuHuman next to my side, it just made it so much easier!!

I have so much love and appreciation for Brandon, Marli, Tabatha, Shané, Iliska, Claudia, Steve and Tiaan. YOU ARE ONE AMAZING TEAM! I am absolutely hooked to this new life I am blessed to have each day thanks to NuHuman and the SUPER TEAM!”

– Marionette