“I joined NuHuman, the middle of Sep 2019 last year, because I could not stand looking at myself in the mirror anymore and the way it made me feel, I decided no more idle diets that do not work, no more going to the gym, when I do not have a clue what I am doing, or suppose to do?”

Before and After.

“In just 3 months I lost 12 kg but with muscle and in four months 15 in total, I was at my goal weight sooner than I could ever imagine! And I realized a few things; I liked the person staring back in the mirror again! I loved exercising – which I never thought I would – the way my body is supposed to function is starting to make sense to me! NuHuman not only inspired me and changed the way I look and feel about myself but they are educating me all the time about my body too! NuHuman is the best investment I ever made! Thank you NuHuman for giving me my life back!”

– Charli