“Before joining NuHuman, I never enjoyed exercising. I told myself that climbing a few stairs and the occasional scaffolding at work constituted exercise. I thought at 65 I was fairly fit for my age, even though I experienced shortness of breath and was on chronic medication.”

Before and After.

“I decided to join NuHuman after I saw my wife’s transformation in just eight months of training and following the NuHuman programme. I was skeptical and unsure if I’d cope with the exercise routine, but the NuHuman team is always helpful and guides me how to do movements correctly to avoid injury. My fitness level improved from two sessions a week to five sessions a week.

“I did the HDMA test and followed Brandon’s guidelines on which medication to use. Today I’m off my chronic medication and I’ve lost 18kg! I’m determined to carry on and improve my muscle strength.

“My wife, son and daughter are also proud members of NuHuman, all in the process of transforming body and mind. NuHuman helped me realize it’s never too late to change your mindset.”

– Cobus