“I believe in purpose-driven living, but my outward appearance was reflecting the total opposite. I was unhealthy, obese, and struggling with anxiety and fatigue. I felt unexceptionable, and had no idea how to redeem myself.”

Before and After.

“Then I discovered Nuhuman in September 2019! I was more than 50kg over my ideal weight, and hadn’t exercised in years. But the NuHuman team of warriors embraced me and surrounded me with hope.

“When you’re overweight, your biggest fear is unacceptance. But every day at Nuhuman, I’m comforted by the words, “We are going to help you transform”.

“NuHuman gave me the tools to slay the giants in my life, and alter my thinking and destructive eating patterns. I discovered that I want to train – in fact, I was created to train! I now can’t wait for my next training session. “Bring it!” is my current mindset.

“I have so much gratitude for Dr Brandon and Marli Halaz, and the Nuhuman professional trainers for guiding and encouraging me.

“I’m now at the halfway mark, and I’m empowered to conquer the next 25kg. The changes in my body have been remarkable! My muscular system is improving, my energy levels are up, anxiety is a thing of the past, and my outlook on the future has changed dramatically.

“I’ve become adventurous and I’m looking forward to embracing the new me! I’ve rediscovered a happier, healthier self. And I know that my life can now impact others in a positive way.”

– Saskia