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NuHuman is the very first health and wellness facility of its kind. With specific patents and a scientific platform on which true and permanent human transformation can take place, NuHuman is the epitome of holistic health and wellness.

NuHuman is designed to optimise personal health via weight loss, training, nutrition, energy, stress and improved disease management.

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NuHuman provides a host of scientific and medical tests to establish potential disease trends and a client’s current health status, from mineral and microbiome balancing to amino acid profiling and more. The facilities are sterilised through integrative solutions such as ozone, low level laser and UV. NuHuman is associated with various medical institutes and private medical individuals and documents over 100 mind and body transformations a year.

NuHuman’s core focus is finding natural and scientific ways to improve human homeostasis. A balanced endocrine system has multiple positive effects on quality of life. The more you value your life and your health, the better you will take care of yourself in mind, body and spirit.

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Our core focus is finding natural and scientific ways to improve human homeostasis. Improve your quality of life now!

NuHuman Founder

Brandon Halasz

Meet Brandon Halasz, the founder and director of NuHuman Transformation Clinic. Brandon is the visionary behind NuHuman’s lifestyle medicine focus.

“Visualisation is the mechanism that enhances the experience. The enhanced experience raises consciousness. Gratitude is the outcome of raised consciousness.”

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