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NuHuman is the very first health and wellness facility of its kind and was founded in 2012 by Brandon Halasz. NuHuman is the proud inventors of a new category namely lifestyle medicine. With multiple registered patents we enable access to a platform where true and permanent human transformation can take place. NuHuman is the leaders in the field of health optimisation and holistic wellbeing. Our facilities provide the ultimate lifestyle-enhancing environments and with state-of-the-art training techniques, early detection tests, integrated technology, unrivalled supplement range and accredited experts we will take you on a journey to curb disease trends, improve and optimise your quality of life.

NuHuman was designed to optimise personal health via weight loss, training, nutrition, energy, stress and improved disease management.

NuHuman provides a host of scientific and medical tests to establish potential disease trends and a client’s current health status, from mineral and microbiome balancing to amino acid profiling and more. The facilities are sterilised through integrative solutions such as ozone and UVC. We pride ourselves on the registration of our patents specifically our low-level laser therapy treatment while you train providing daily treatment for inflammation, oxidative stress, anti-aging and neurogenesis. NuHuman is associated with various medical institutes and documents over 100 mind and body transformations a year.

NuHuman’s core vision and focus is life extension and disease prevention with natural and scientific ways to improve human homeostasis and a balanced endocrine system providing multiple positive and healing potentials on your quality of life. The more you value your life and health, the more emphasis will be directed toward taking care of your wellbeing in mind and body.

Our Values and Mission

NuHuman delivers the ultimate experience through outstanding exclusive products and service delivery ensuring a premium experience in the field of lifestyle medicine.

We uphold the highest standard of integrity.

NuHuman’s mission is to create a mass scale transformation of humanity into a fully empowered conscious and cooperative race, one that has evolved through inner-engineering and the potential to heal oneself through access to platforms where multiple forms of health data can be personalised toward life extension and disease prevention.

Brandon Halasz


Marli Halasz


Our Franchise Offering

NuHuman provides a full turnkey franchise solution. From providing all the required CPA compliant documentation in the decision-making phase and sourcing the perfect location, to getting your NuHuman facility ready to serve the public and beyond. We have a solid support team to ensure your success in every aspect and pride ourselves on our great relationships with our franchisees. Owning a NuHuman franchise is not only a life changing experience it has great upside potential for investors geared towards ROI.

Our Value Proposition

NuHuman provides a platform for those in need that require a more specialised approach with added attention. NuHuman is the first to combine the medical and scientific industry with functional training creating the first holistic health and wellness model in South Africa with various registered patents.

Products and Services

NuHuman has a scientific approach to integrative and functional medical biohacking. NuHuman believes that in the quest for optimal health and wellness one must consider the whole person mind and body. Accordingly, one can obtain optimal health – the primary goal of a holistic lifestyle – by achieving a proper balance in life.

Our service offerings include but are not limited to the following: Personalised weight loss, fitness processes and intracellular nutritional programs

Market Trends and Target Market

NuHuman forms part of the medical, health, wellness and fitness industry that targets all genders above 18 years of age in high LSM areas. NuHuman is confident that the services and products provided are perfectly positioned in the market as the world view shifts toward a conscious awareness of one’s personal health through the integration of life extension and disease prevention applications. Based on numerous studies global emphasis is gearing toward the integrative medical sector. Obesity, neurological and inflammatory conditions are statistically rising toward epidemic proportions making a platform such as NuHuman essential for the population to have access to a platform where safe yet effective methods are made available for personalised improvements in quality of life within controlled and effective environments.

NuHuman shines in its relative marketplace as fully established market leaders, by being the inventors of a new category called lifestyle medicine and is the first health and wellness model in South Africa with registered patents. There are currently no other facilities or franchises in South Africa participating in such a complex and unique arena keeping in mind we hold the essential patents required in our field.

Become a Franchisee

To be a successful NuHuman franchise owner you will require business and marketing skills. Important emphasis must be made on offering outstanding service and empathy toward servicing customers health needs or requirements. Nuhuman provides the trained and experienced staff in these avenues however good basic knowledge on health is beneficial.

We value communication and people skills, be prepared to spend time and energy cultivating customer retention. You will also want to utilize these skills to build a successful team in your own business. In order to achieve these objectives, it will be necessary for you to be a “hands on operator” and you will therefore be required to actively operate and manage the business daily. (For investors we recommend a trained facility manager). NuHuman franchisees require maturity, energy, drive, commitment, hard work, perseverance, and determination with sound business sense. Combining this with the support and years of experience offered by NuHuman head-office you are ready to take advantage of an outstanding business opportunity.

Reasons to invest in the ultimate lifestyle franchise

High Quality Products

High Profit Potential

Full Turnkey Solution

Registered Intellectual Property

Best Locations

Medical Lifestyle Innovators

Ongoing Support

Multiple Revenue Streams


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