The Neuro-Link assessments will assist you to understand how you are uniquely designed and how you can further develop your talents, potential talents, thinking, and learning capabilities by answering 180 easy questions.

The solutions provided with a 29-page report will improve your brain health, but also your mental flexibility to think and adapt quicker to changing environments.

This assessment consists of 2 dimensions. The first dimension consists of 7 neurophysiological components that shows your unique neurological design. The second dimension consist of 6 drivers to enhance your brain performance.


The purpose of this is assessment is to:

  • Understand your neurodesign.
  • Align your neurodesign with subject/study/career choices or career changes.
  • Identify your learning potential.
  • Identify and develop your potential talents.
  • Optimize your drivers that impact brain performance.
  • Increase the ease and speed with which you learn.
  • Minimize the impact of fatigue and potential hindrances on performance.
  • Improve your brain health.
  • Reduce risk for human error.
  • Increase your happiness.



  • Identify and develop your potential talents.
  • Understand your learning potential.
  • Teaches you how to learn effectively according to your neurodesign.
  • Experience ease with learning.
  • Align your neurodesign with subject/study/career choices/changes.
  • Make informed career choices.
  • Improve your brain performance.
  • Identify and minimize the risk of human error.
  • Identify and minimize impact of fatigue and neurological hindrances.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Accurate self-awareness.
  • Clarify life purpose (Who am I?)
  • Improve your happiness.
  • Improve brain health and fitness.
  • Think and learn faster.
  • Better learning results.
  • Improve stress and fatigue management.
  • Develop a positive self-esteem.


Neuro-link Step process

Step 1
Purchase a Neuro-Link assessment.

Step 2
An email with a link to the online assessment will be sent to you the same day of purchase.
There will be 2 emails. One will consist of your profile email and password, the second one will contain the link to access your assessment.

If the assessment is bought for a child, an in-house consultation date will be arranged so that one of the biohackers can assist the child during their assessment.

Step 3

Information before you complete the assessment:

  • Please be rested prior to doing the assessment and in a relaxed, positive mood
  • Do the assessment in a quiet place with no distractions
  • Have one piece of paper (A4) and two pencils or pens
  • Bring an open mind and curiosity to the process of getting to learn more about what drives the way you are and how you operate
  • This assessment shows you who you are and can`t be failed
  • Please answer all questions as honestly as possible – the results depict things based on how you answer the questions
  • Please allow for up to an hour to complete the assessment

Step 4

Once you’ve completed the test, one of the biohackers will contact you to arrange a consultation date to discuss the results.

If the test was completed over the weekend, the biohacker will contact you that coming Monday.

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